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Michael M
Extremely Rejuvenating The Reiki/Chakra/Vibrational Healing is incredible. I went to my first session as a sceptic but came out convinced there was clearly something to the treatment. I decided to go in for a second session, and visualizations I had of a past life were mentioned by Kathleen that exactly matched what I had been shown earlier. There were other similar things Kathleen mentioned that validated the experience too. After the third session, I am clearly back to a point I haven't been to since 1995 in my balance, but I have advanced further than ever in that communication with my higher self and spiritual guides is definitely occurring. I am convinced that Kathleen is an authentic healer, and I look forward to seeing her again very soon.
Jennifer M
Amazing and enlightening I recommend Katleen to anyone looking to improve upon their life. Katleen has been performing Reiki on me for several months and the difference in myself is amazing. I'm grateful for the services she provides.
Nancy B
Body Experience This body was aware of the energy flowing thru it. The legs,especially the left leg, was aware of the increase energy around it. The body felt much better after the treatment.Not everyone is as sensitive to energy flowing but I could feel it and glad I went for the sake of the body. I am glad I went.
Lorrie H
Amazing! Kathleen brings not only her wisdom and sensitivity, but the angels and other spiritual beings who offer healing. I could feel the healing energies and felt the changes in my body and energy field. I was left with a profound sense of well-being and peace.
Jennifer M
Enlightening I had the most amazing experience. I did not know what to expect, but I'm so happy decided to go. I can't wait to go back. You won't regret it!!
James S
blood pressure problem. will use the information given and will post results later. Thank you for all the info u got for me. Jim S
Nancy F
Awesome Experience I recently had my first appt with Kathleen and I am so happy that I decided to see her. If you have any doubts about trying awaken2spirit, don't give it a second thought. I am so happy that I had a session with Kathleen. I was nervous at first, but after meeting her and talking to her, she makes you feel very comfortable. She is a warm, caring person and I definitely will go for more sessions with her. I highly recommend awaken2spirit to anyone who is looking for healing and peace in your life. Thanks Kathleen, you are truly a blessing in my life.
All Smiles Absolutely wonderful healing session! I will definaty be going back.
Jennifer J
Amazing! My session with Kathleen was absolutely outstanding. She explained things to me in a way I could understand and relate to. She provided me with so much insight into what my body and soul were experiencing. Her studio was beautiful and relaxing and she made me feel so calm and comfortable. For the first time in a long time, I feel hope. I HIGHLY recommend Kathleen. I've already scheduled my next appointment with her for next week.
Jayne C
Simply Amazing! I located Kathleen from her online social media advertisement - Awaken2Spirit. Recently relocated to the Quad City area and I felt so scattered from empty nest, relocation and the passing of my mother. We scheduled the 4 Reiki sessions and a Young Living Raindrop treatment. I believe in the oils and use them every day so it was nourishing and healing...but the Reiki healing helped me be centered, unblocked chakras and I had the most incredible visions. Had only experienced one Reiki session prior 10 years ago and I was raised to be skeptical...but there is no question in my mind now how much better I feel. I'm a believer and I feel like I made a new friend in a new area. So thankful for Kathleen.
Tracy H
Distance attunement Kathleen's distance Reiki attunement was an amazing experience. I felt gentle energy flowing through me, pausing at intervals to clear appointed areas. Kathleen followed up with details of what she had experienced, relating it to me with her insight, impressions and imagery. She guided me through understanding the information and I was delighted that I was able to follow along easily. We need more gifted healers like Kathleen in the world. Kathleen, Thank you!
Susan D
Amazing session My beginning session with Kathleen was truly amazing. The peace and wellbeing feelings that I experienced were so needed. I shall be a regular client and reap the positive rewards that Kathleen provides.
Christine C
Chakra healing During my appointment, I was able to relax and calm my mind which is difficult most of the time. My experience was very positive and enlightening. I plan to revisit in the near future to further my experience.
Alexis B
Beautiful I am beyond words so happy I have found you and have you to help me on my journey through life. I've had so many emotions and feelings uncover from each session. Always positive and lifting. Wish I could go everyday but I look forward to all my sessions and cannot wait to get back in there :')
Good experience I visited for the first time to work on my energy blocks. Kathleen is very warm, knowledgeable, and welcoming. I will be going back for more sessions to learn more.
Great Energy Very comfortable environment and enlightening experience. I felt more centered and at peace after reiki with Kathleen.
Vickie N
Feeling Open & Balanced Felt wonderful after my first Reiki session. I think this is going to be beneficial in dealing with depression. Thanks Kathleen!
Gennifer G
Great place Best body work my husband or I have ever had.. she the best. .
Great session! I really appreciated the time Kathleen took to try to narrow down my intention, as well as her great comforting energies. I definitely felt something happening during my Reiki session, as my belly area kept vibrating even after the session was over. I also felt waves of extreme coldness come over my body. I did get a sense of something being lifted off my shoulders when I walked out. I've booked another session and hope it's just as great as the first. Looking forward to it!
Holly C
Inspirational and enlightening What an amazing experience. Kathleen is a truly gifted and wonderful person. I left feeling inspired and enlightened.
Love this place! I am so happy to discover this gem!
Tom L
Stomach Ulcer Kathleen did a wonderful job of healing my 50 year old stomach ulcer. After one session it appears to be healed. No more pain and now I can eat anything I want. Simply amazing healing when I had lost all hope. Regular doctors had never been able to heal me.
Thank You I appreciate the service Kathleen provided in the session. My lower back feels amazingly better, my confidence is lifted, and life feels less complicated. It is with gratitude that I write this.Kathleen is very talented.
Lorrie H
There is a reason I return! Kathleen provides guidance as well as healing, and I am finding energy shifts as I apply her guidance.
Anita T
April 14 Relaxing, feeling much stronger, more centered, improved balanced, calmer, general feeling of confidence to bring myself into a relaxed state of mind.
Anita T
May 5th The session was very relaxing. Feel on the road to improve balance and grounding. Like the new location A-19; much quieter. Continue to receive better tools to help me improve my own health.
Nicole W
Rain Drop Therapy What a wonderful experience. Felt like I was walking on clouds!
Tricia L
Very pleased with my first session The insights I received from Kathleen's gift were important to me, and I left my first session feeling lighter and more grounded and with some specific instructions for getting my life back on track the way I want it to go.
Anita T
March 24th 11:00 am Sensational experience; my balance is improving step by step. My spirit guide is providing me with better ways to heal myself and improve health. Looking forward to the next session.
Wendy G
Reiki, Chakra, Vibrational Energy Session This was the best Living Social deal I have purchased. I had a wonderful experience - Kathleen is amazing! I feel more at peace, have more energy and have been almost pain free after my first session (I never even told Kathleen how much pain I was in!). Such an amazing experience. I cannot wait to go back!
Julie G
Reiki session This was my first time having a reiki session so I wasn't sure what to expect. Kathleen explained a lot to me before we got started and all I can say is she is truly gifted. I left feeling truly relaxed and lighter...I would definitely recommend Kathleen for any of her services and I myself will certainly be back!
Anita T
March 24th 11:00 am Gave me a dinner plate of items to work on. Stirred my emotions, which helps me to get in touch feelings I have buried. Purpose to help me improve my health
Anita T
spirit The session was of significant benefit and I will be back for more. Awaken the spirit in me in a positive way. Thank you for sharing your gift.
Kim S
Wonderful! I always feel so much better after having a session with Kathleen. She leaves me feeling happy, joyous, and free!
Mariann C
A fantastic first session What a tremendous session. Kathleen is truly gifted. I willll continue my sessions with her as a way to spiritually heal both mind and body.
Absolutely Divine! Kathleen, you are a wonderful individual and a truly gifted healer! I was guided to Kathleen while in need of spiritual healing/balancing and did not really know what to expect since this was my first experience with this type of healing modality. The experience for me was beyond words and provided exactly what I needed in that moment. Her atmosphere, personality and bedside manner are very calming, warm, and caring. The energy movement was palpable and she was able allow me to release emotions and energies deep within that I have been holding needlessly for a long time. Just what the doctor ordered :)....Pay her a visit sometime, worth every penny and then some!
Feeling better every appointment I have been to Kathleen a couple times and will keep going back. She does great Reiki and Energy healing and I feel very connected to her and very comfortable. Great Experience.
Nicole W
Amazing experience I had my first but not last energy/balancing/chakra healing and cleansing. The experience is inexplainable. I walked away feeling very in tune and aware. My spiritual journey, which has been on hold for some time, has just begun again.
Balance Kathleen has really helped me find balance i my life by making me more aware of the energy and people around me :)
Connie R
Energy work Kathleen does amazing work! I always feels great after a session and my health is improving. I have actually taught Energy Medicie. Classes and find her work very deep. She works with lots of spiritual beings in her sessions. She is gifted. I highly recommend her work.
Sarah k
Connecting with spirit I came to Kathleen out of balance, exhausted from nursing school, and out of touch with my spirit. After one visit I felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders, my sleep has been deeper and more restful as well. I will continue to work with Kathleen as her session opened my eyes to areas I had shut off and her positive energy is amazing!
Jamie M
Feeling Aware I really enjoyed my session Kathleen! I felt much more aware and centered afterwards. I took some recommendations she gave me and applied them and have really noticed some positive changes because of them. Thank you so much for your guidence.
Christie Z
Amazing Session! What a wonderful session I had last week with Kathleen! I am familiar with energy and chakra work so I did have some expectations. Kathleen did not disappoint. Entering her space, I could feel the calming energy greet me at the door. Lying on the table, Kathleen went to work, first using essential oils on various spots on my body then working on getting the blocked energy unstuck. I could feel the energy start moving almost immediately. Towards the end of the session, she used tuning forks and the sound produced resonated with me at a soul level. I felt such joy running through my body! We closed with an intuitive reading. I highly recommend booking a session with Kathleen. She is truly gifted!
Alyssa G
Incredible session! I had my first reiki session a week ago, and I am still processing how amazing/relaxing/indescribable it was! Kathleen gave me insight on a past life, as well as on what I need to work on in order to continue moving forward. She is extremely gifted and professional, and her energy is something else. I just scheduled my second appointment now, and I am very much looking forward to it. :) Anyone attempting to grow mentally, spiritually, or even someone who is completely unsure of what they're looking for could benefit from a session with Kathleen. :)
kataryna b
i love it. I could feel the results by away. i can not wait to go again. a lot of great energy and so peaceful
bob a
Insightful session Kathleen opened up doors to healing that conventional medicine has been unable to do.
Reynolds J
gifted intuitive healer saw Kathleen recently feeling completely off-balance and she restored a sense of calm centeredness and hope as well as verbally clarifying the challenges i am facing. i feel like in Kathleen have a tremendously valuable resource in dealing with a serious issue and am very grateful that i have been fortunate to have met her.
Brennan M
Kathleen is amazing! You have to book an appointment with Kathleen for a reiki session, she is a truly gifted healer. I have tried many different types of massage therapists and energy healers, she is by far the best!
Vanessa G
Great experience First massage ever! I loved the atmosphere, scents, intimate lighting, and the comfort overall Kathleen provided. And the massage felt amazing. Definitely going back!
Jillian K
Kathleen is AMAZING!!! I have had two sessions so far, and I feel great! I feel more in tune with my thoughts and my body. I'm so glad I decided to proceed with the Reiki! Kathleen has surpassed my expectations!
David H
massage Kathleen is great,,,very very good massage. Highly reco her
Erica H
Raindrop therapy session I purchased an 80-minute raindrop therapy session through living social. Was able to book my appointment the next week. Kathleen was very warm and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable upon arriving. I've had energy work done before so I had an idea about what to expect. While I felt my session was very relaxing and eye opening I still have more work to do, so I will definitely be back for another session, and I plan on referring my boyfriend as well. I would definitely recommend Kathleen and her services!
Lynda C
Reike I felt fabulous after my appointment. Joyful and positive, Can not wait for my next appointment. Thank you .. Lynda Case
Gail S
Reiki/chakra vibrational healing Kathleen did a wonderful job clearing any blockages from me and opening my chakras and clearing them. I felt wonderful after the treatment and was given helpful information to help me. I would recommend her for any healing needs someone may need. I thank you for your help and support.
Reiki, chakra vibration balancing Kathleen was fabulous! I definitely felt a huge shift in my vibration & attitude in just one session & I look forward to more!
Ashok J
Reiki energy healing I found the energy healing session very useful. I had lot of health issues and low energy feeling since last few years. I was not sure what was going wrong but after taking my first energy healing session with Kathleen my symptoms are slowly getting better and I am feeling positive. I feel it's life changing and would recommend it.
Carolyn P
Wonderful hour Kathleen is very knowledgeable about the body and pressure points. Left feeling so much more relaxed than when I came. Will definitely be back!
Debbie H
Reiki sesson Truly amazing, relaxing and informative. I learned things about myself I have been wondering about for years.
Reynolds J
Reiki Intuitive healing highly recommend. left feeling more balanced energetically plus she provided some valuable insights into core issues in my life.
Paul Nishihira
Swedish massage Professional yet relaxed atmosphere. Excellent massage as she worked out 8+ years of built-up stress in my upper back! Addressed all of my questions, concerns and even advised maintenance plan to keep my body in tip top shape. Highly recommend Kathleen's services to all of my family, friends and colleagues and will utilize her services for myself in the near future.
Reynolds J
Reiki Intuitive healing Kathleen is a gifted healer and reminds you of your part in the process; she brings and has you bring mindfulness to the totality of your body, mind, and soul's well-being.
Sara G
Very grateful I came across Awaken2Spirit by chance while looking for a birthday gift in Groupon. I am very familiar with this type of practice, so I arrived to my appointment a little skeptic. Kathleen is a very gentle, intuitive and compassionate woman who made me feel at ease right away. My experience during my first visit surpassed my expectations and I felt that without a doubt Kathleen is a trustworthy human being. I have seen Kathleen six times already and I still have three more appointments before I go through a surgery that will have drastic consequences in my body. She has been helping me to get ready physically and emotionally for it, as well as dealing with the pain that I have on a daily basis. I am very fortunate for having met Kathleen at such a crucial time in my life and I will forever be grateful for all the wonderful gifts she has given me. I recommend her to everyone. She truly is the real deal. Thank you Kathleen.
Relaxing Reiki Session I very much enjoyed my Reiki session with Kathleen. She is exceptional! She has not only an intuitive ability to find the problem areas, but the talent to work the area to help alleviate the pain, move energy and remove blockages. She asks questions before she begins and truly wants to help you. She uses crystals and essential oils which I loved! I highly recommend Kathleen!
Mariann C
Second Visit with Kathleen I had a second session with Kathleen to experience a Raindrop treatment. It was incredible and I hated when it was over. Kathleen has a magical touch and can time into your body and what it needs. She is truly gifted! Thank you Kathleen. Can't wait to meet with you soon.
Roberta S
very lovely Kathleen is a very gifted massage therapist and healer. My experience was wonderful and peaceful and delightful. So good.
Very relaxing and rejuvenating massage I had a 60 minute Swedish massage recently. I've had some massages here and there and at the mall (good hand) in the past.. and I must say that this was by far the best one I've had. Right from the ambience of the room, to the smell, and the light Indian music, everything was just about right. Kathleen did an amazing job and it seems she knows her stuff. She was able to find and clear knots in my neck and shoulder areas, and applied the right pressure and technique. The pressure was not too soft and not too hard. In about an hour, I felt my stresses and fatigue slipping away. After the massage, I felt light and my body felt as if it was "breathing" better/easier. I would definitely recommend Kathleen for anyone looking to get a very relaxing and soothing massage.
Jim C
Wonderful massage therapist Kathleen is a superb massage therapist, providing a relaxing hour, with such healing hands. It offers great revitalization.
Kirk Freitas
Wonderful Raindrop I received my first (of many) raindrop sessions with the lovely Kathleen, didn't know what to expect and OMG! I feel so much more stress free and relaxed, my energy level has returned and life is good! Especially after a session with Kathleen :)
Joseph H
Very Good Massage Kathleen is a very good massage therapist and I loved the hot towels on my back and feet. I may even try her Reiki service some day.
Joe L
Wonderful Service Kathleen has such great energy and I always feel uplifted after a session with her. She is one of those people whose external beauty is a reflection of the internal spirit she has been blessed with.
Vickie O
Reiki/Chakra/Vibrational Healing (60 mins) Wow, all I can say is that Kathleen is a miracle worker. She has helped me understand and learn new things. Talk about feeling good!