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Welcome to awaken2spirit. I am an Intuitive Energy Specialist committed to balance and health. I offer alternative and holistic healing methods of Energy Medicine through Reiki/Chakra/Energy Balancing, Raindrop Therapy, Vibrational Healing and Massage Therapy for those that are committed to maintaining balance and health. By accessing needs, we will initiate your intent for your own personal health and wellness. My guided work is done with great respect and honor. If you want clarity, greater self- awareness, harmony and wellbeing, or abundance to a better and joyful life, then you need a session with me. Honor your mind, body and soul.  

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  • Raindrop Therapy (60 mins) $95
    A specialized massage using Young Living Oils, specific technique (see website for details). Please watch the video on Raindrop. I do include a Massage in this particular session. You will feel extremely relaxed as the Oils penetrate the back and spinal column feeding the blood system. This is a physical alignment for the Body. Most people that have this done rarely return to a just a Swedish massage. If you are one with back and spinal problems, you definitely want this treatment! Life changing results!
  • Raindrop Therapy (80 mins) $110
  • Reiki/Chakra/Vibrational Healing (60 mins) $95

    There are many beneficial effects with this procedure that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being. Much of this work is a combination with the vibrational healing methods. Please go to Energy Medicine on my website to read about this non-evasive and healing session. Reiki is used today in many hospitals along side with the Doctors in a surgery setting. Many have reported miraculous results as it is Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. This treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit, becoming main stream in todays Health practices. 

  • Reiki/Chakra/Vibrational Healing (80 mins) $110
  • Wellness Packages- Best Savings!
    .Buy 4 (60 mins) Reiki/Chakra/Vibrational Healing sessions for $344, normally $380 and save 10%, a $38 savings! Or Buy 4 (80 mins) sessions $396, normally $440 and save 10%, a $44 savings! These are the most popular savings!
    This package excludes the Raindrop Therapy. Discounts apply separately for this treatment.
  • Remote Reiki/Chakra/Vibrational Healing (60 mins) $95
    Energy can travel. The format I use is identical to the Reiki/Chakra/Vibrational Healing done in my office. You will find a comfortable area that you can relax to recieve the Healing session. I will contact you prior to start and after the session to review and give you a reading. For further information view the video, copy and paste to browser, 
  • Massage Therapy (60 mins) $75
    Get relaxed and enjoy the benefits of  a massage which include enhanced relaxation, a reduction in stress, better blood flow, less anxiety and reduced blood pressure. I use Young Living Essential Oils in all of my sessions. You will definately feel the difference as they aide, balance and support the whole body.



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